Say goodbye to inaccurate estimates.

Time Tracking for creatives.
Using a technique called Evidence Based Scheduling
we help you to improve your estimation skills.
Try it. It’s magical.


Manage your to-dos in a simple hierarchy of tasks and projects. Estimate how long it will take you to complete them. We help you by providing a list of similar tasks from your history — peek into one to get a better feel for the task at hand.


With Estimates it’s easy to keep an eye on your progress. Track one task at a time or multiple at once. Punch the clock and get working, come back and mark the task as finished when you are done. Our project graph helps you to see if you are still on track.


Once you finish a task, we give you instant feedback about the quality of your estimate. Get better and send higher quality quotes to clients. The app learns as well — the more you use Estimates, the more accurate the project graph becomes.