Manage all your business Estimates in one place. Easily tie estimates to Jobs and Customers. Utilize the  inbuilt Customer & Job management Modules.



Our System is the easiest system for creating and tracking quotes, for your business from anywhere.



Our System is designed to generate estimates for small businesses based upon information about a company and its services.

Professional Estimates in no time

Create and send professional estimates instantly. Easily share or export your quotes in PDF format. To ensure that estimates are created within the shortest time possible, Our system provides you with the ability to setup a menu of Estimate items and the rate. The in-build Customer & Job management modules allows you create a list of your business customers, and add Jobs for each, then tie your estimates to the jobs. The Estimate rate can be set in two ways.

a). Set a different rate to each customer and apply it on specific quotes

b). Use an item based quote that varies based on the item or service that  you provide.


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Create and send Estimates from anywhere.

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